Miami Woods
23 Apr 2023

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Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


Short Course
1Sam 0:18:56
2Kyle and Justin0:23:12
3Anita 0:23:45
4Thigy Team0:36:50
5Townes 0:38:01
6Dan Durkin0:42:18
7Leo & Stas0:45:22
8Troop 9230:52:53
9L &J1:08:49
10Ruban 1:22:36
 Ryan MSP
 Scouts MSP
Medium Course
1Raef Meves0:49:30
2Yulia 0:49:41
3Dimitar 1:07:26
4Lisa 1:14:05
5Nich Preys1:15:34
6Dan 1:23:08
7Sam 1:23:09
8Kara 1:40:30
9Knapp 1:42:22
10Pirate Frogs1:59:17
11Rennliminators 2:03:34
12Valerie - Crystal Gems2:03:42
13Ratau 2:06:02
14Mark Kaurich2:39:54
 AJ JohriMSP
 Scouts MSP
 David ShaferMSP
 Rod AyersMSP
 Ryan KnottMSP
Long Course
1Martin Schwetter0:44:34
2Art 0:48:29
3Stanimir Pandelov0:52:23
4Erik Martinez0:52:23
5Aviad Ariel0:54:23
6Phil 0:56:03
7Eli H1:14:42
8Mia and Jane1:20:54
9Kyle & Justin1:25:48
10Jay Futterman1:27:31
11Mike Reese1:28:05
12Thingy 1:49:33
13Eric S1:49:35
14Gumby 1:58:14
 Charlie SMSP

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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